The Wrath of The Moxley’s

During the blistering summer of 2011, the extensive police investigation of the Moxley Manor hauntings were finally closed. The remains of Lillian Marshall–Moxley are still unaccounted for and stories of her spirit still occupying the Moxley Manor have been unanswered. The completion of the investigation resulted in retuning the Manor to its rightful owners, three distant cousins of the deceased Charles Moxley. Click here to read more about Charles & Lillian Moxley.

The young Moxley’s had grand plans and were determined to make the Manor a shelter for the troubled youth and local homeless. Volunteers were enlisted from all over Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas to get the Moxley Manor ready for opening day. The city was buzzing of the good things that were to come from Moxley Manor.

After weeks of little activity at the Manor local business owners began complaining about a horrid stench that grew increasing strong as the summer heat continued. Enough complaints were made that the local police department secured a warrant to make a forced entry.
What was rumored to be found inside the Moxley Manor were some of the most gruesome scenes that have ever been witnessed in the area. It was apparent that some of the help had been held captive and tortured. The remains of more than 20 lost souls were discovered. The Moxley’s have disappeared and are nowhere to be found.

This fall we will open the doors of the horrendous scene that was left behind. Rumor has spread that the Moxley’s have caught wind of the opening and are furious. Will they return to continue their torturous ways on those that enter the Moxley Manor Haunted House? Do you have what it takes to survive the wrath that is the Moxley’s?

Only you can answer these questions. If you dare…

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