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In what seems to be a common theme this year in DFW, we have yet another new entry into the haunt arena: Moxley Manor. This has been the year of the first year haunt, and from what we’ve seen so far, keep em coming! Moxley Manor is no exception to this!

I have to admit something: I was not impressed when I first pulled up to Moxley Manor. I have some pre-conceived notions about haunts in shopping centers. I mean, the stereotype is tht you’re gonna get something just this side of a yard haunt, closing out in a bowl of peeled grapes that are supposed to be eye balls. Well check this out: I WAS WRONG.

Moxley disturbed me. And I don’t say that lightly. We see a lot of haunts over Halloween, year in and year out. The animatronics, dark hallways, and special effects all run together. What will stick out, thus far thsi haunt season, is that small child saying, in the most innocent of voices, “I killed my teacher. She gave me an F.” Not sure what was so disturbing about this….but, WOW! Creepy.

The set up here is done nicely. Honestly, the strip mall set actually enhances Moxley, and does not detract. It’s good return on your haunt dollar, at $15 bucks for the 20 minute haunt. And besides, your money is benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

What makes this haunt is the story, and again, talented actresses. (As a side note, the female haunters of DFW have ALL stepped it up TEN notches this year! Kudoes to all of you!) When it comes to completely themed out haunts, Moxley is up there with Zombie Manor. They have a great story, that puports to be based on factual events. I can neither confirm nor deny these reports, but it matters not: they sell the story well, and they do so with a very talented staff. The lead in narrators are awesome, both outside and inside the main door.

Moxley Manor is a new entrant, but they have a commitment to being a part of the DFW Haunt Metroplex, as they are locked into this location for three years. This year was great, and I expect next year will be even better. The ultimate question, would I reccomend this haunt to a friend? Yeah, I would. At $15 bucks for 20 minutes, it’s a good deal. Factor in its easily accessed location in Bedford, and it’s an even better deal. Factor in the incredible set up, the disturbing performances, and the incredible staff, and it’s a must see.

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