Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Moxley Manor the same as last year?
A: No. We are constantly looking for new ways to terrify our visitors, whether it be by adding new rooms or by adding the latest props made by with the most recent cutting edge of technology.

Q: Are you open if it is raining?
A: Yes. Our attraction is indoors and weather does not affect our operation.

Q: How can we get more information?
A: For further questions please email us through our contact page.

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: During Halloween season we gladly accept all major credit cards.

Q: Is it scary?
A: We provide one of the most frightening haunted attractions in DFW. Our walk-through attraction is an intense show that guarantees to leave you screaming. We have recently been named one of the most terrifying haunted houses in Texas by

Q: Can I get out if I want to?
A: Yes, we have several people escorted out each night through our “chicken” doors.

Q: If I am too scared can I get a refund?
A: We have a no refund policy. You have purchased a ticket for us to scare you. If you are so scared that you decide not to enter the haunted houses then we have done our job!

Q: Who should not enter our haunted house?
A: People with heart conditions, or who have seizures, pregnant women, weak bladders or any other medical condition non-conducive to haunted houses.

Q: If I’m in line at closing time will I still get in?
A: Yes, our haunted house is open until all victims in line get to experience the terror that is Moxley Manor Haunted House. Ticket sales will end at the posted time of the event.

Q: How do I avoid long lines?
A: Early in the Halloween season, is the best time to come if you do not want to wait in line. We do offer a VIP Pass, which will get you to the front of the line if you decide to go that route.

Q: Will the actors touch me?
A: Moxley Manor has a “no touch” policy. With that being said we ask that you do not touch our actors or any of the props that are in the haunted house. You don’t touch us, we don’t touch you.

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: We state that our haunted house is recommended for children 10 and up. Every child is different and we ask that you make the judgment call as to whether or not they will be able to make it through. Children under twelve should be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Is there a different price for children?
A: We only have one general admission price.

Q: Can I come in costume?
A: Yes, but no person with a mask will be admitted.

Q: Is there a group discount?
A: Yes. For more information email us through our contact page.

Q: Can I bring my camera?
A: No recording devices are allowed inside the Haunted House, however, you are welcome to bring a camera for photo’s outside of the Haunted House. All we ask is that you share them with us on facebook.

Q: How do I become an actor at the Haunted House?
A: Yes, for more information visit our volunteer page.


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