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Featured in the 2014 film “The Houses That October Built

One of “North Texas’ Scariest Haunted Attractions” –

“One of the most terrifying haunted houses in Texas” –

2016 Haunted House Reviews:

“Man i had such a great time! From start to finish every corner, every door it was something boy! I’ve never had such an adrenaline pumping heart racing experience in a haunted house. I really had a scary thrill and its suspense the whole way through. I’ve been more than once. Each time was different and the haunted house has grown getting longer and longer better and better i loved it!” – Shakorriea C. via Google

“I took my son here on his last weekend before he shipped out to the army. Neither one of us gets scared so most haunted houses get boring for us. But this one I have to say had the surprise factors the whole way through and had this momma jumping. Absolutely love it. Perfect night for my son and I.” – Samantha M. via Google

What a great experience!!! The haunt was incredible, scary and had amazing actors!! The waiting time wasn’t too bad compared to other haunted houses. It’s definitely the one I will go to everytime! I highly recommend Moxley Manor!” – Karina B. via Google

Excellent atmosphere, high quality sets, committed actors, friendly staff, and most of all, a great time! Moxley Manor is one of, if not the best haunted attraction in Tarrant County! Perfect for the Halloween season!” – Jon S. via Google

2015 Haunted House Reviews:
“Very scary and fabulous!!! We will be back next year!!!” – Julie W. via Facebook on 10/18/15

“It was so much fun! My husband & I really enjoyed ourselves. I can’t wait to see what y’all bring next year” – Crystal L. via Facebook on 10/18/15

“Definitely worth the price, very scary I saw people ask to get out and my 14 year old peed on herself” – Sheree C. on 10/2/15

“Just got back from @moxleymanor. I peed myself like 5 times” – @amberxledezma via Twitter

“Be prepared to scream!!!” – Amy C. via Groupon on 10/10/15

“I went with my nephew and we just loved it!” – Patricia M. via Groupon on 9/21/15

2014 Haunted House Reviews:
“One of Dallas’ Scariest Haunted Houses” – Dallas Observer

“The folks there did a pretty good job of surprising us. Do not bring small children. The lady in front of us brought in a six or seven-year-old and I believe she was scarred for life after about 30 seconds in there!” – Robert K.

“Awesome, These people did a Great Job!! We had so much fun!!” Amanda M.

“Intense!! I was expecting a lot less scares than I got. I recommend this to all!” – Heather T.

“They have great actors and great scenes. The music really sets the atmosphere well. This is a high quality Haunt.” – Robert H.

“Well worth the money no long lines. Not the longest haunted house you’ve ever been to but it was still intense.” – Ricky L.

2013 Haunted House Reviews:
Featured haunted house on the 2013 Hauntcon tour. – May 2013

Rated one of North Texas Top Haunted Houses’. “Highly recommend checking this one out!” –

“They have really upped their game with some rooms and props that are eye-popping and extremely unsettling” – Haunted Attraction

“We had a great time last night! We didn’t know what to expect since we just happen to come across it online. Fantastic place! The actors’ makeup and acting were great! The props and layout were extremely effective! Be sure to read the story-line before going through to get the history of the scare”. – Cyndy R. via Google Reviews

“Hands down our favorite haunt! We go every chance we get and have never been disappointed! You should check them out for yourself! Don’t let the strip mall appearance fool you! They packed in all the scares and all the staff is volunteer and pumped to do their job and for the best prices around! Also, the longest wait we have had out of our 6 visits was about 30 minutes! You just can’t beat that! Ready for haunt season to be here again!” – Dana G. via Google Reviews

“It was a lot of fun; they hands down have the best props of dead bodies I have seen in many haunted houses, they look real. The props were amazing and it was a lot of fun.” – Groupon Victim on 10/6/2013

“It’s in a strip mall area. Don’t let that fool you. My wife screamed her head off the entire time.” – Groupon Victim on 10/4/2013

“This was the best haunted house that I’ve been to. You REALLY have to check this place out, it is totally worth the cost of admission.” – Mina M. via Facebook on 9/13/2013

“Had a great time!! Got ha shhiiiii scared out of us!!!!” – Bubba N. via Facebook on 9/21/2013

2012 Haunted House Reviews:
One of “North Texas’ Scariest Haunted Attractions” –

“This is probably the best haunted house attraction in the metroplex!! Great actors, great settings, very professional!!!! And of course very scary !!! Keep it up guys!!!!!” Rolando V. on 10/21/2012

“Moxley Manor was the best haunted house experience I have ever had! I love haunted houses and have been to quite a few, and Moxley is the best! Plenty of creepiness, and I was constantly screaming and jumping. Most Halloween fun I’ve ever had! We will be back!” – Ami W. on 10/19/2012

“As always Moxley Manor Haunted House stands as my favorite haunt!!! Always delivering grade A scares!!!” – Victim Dana V. via Facebook on 10/7/2012

“Best haunted house I’ve ever been too!!!! Me and my friends went last night for the first time, man it was scary!!!! We’re going back again next weekend!!” – Victim Marcy M. via Facebook on 9/29/2012

“The rooms were well peopled which meant a lot of chances to get scared. They had good timing and got me to scream more then a few times. There were some cool looking scenes, and it wasn’t pitch black, just dark enough to be scary.” – Victim Heather L. via Yelp

“Wonderful time! Excellent actors! A must for a haunted house junkie!” – Groupon Victim

“This place was absolutely awesome it was good for everyone. I recommend going in a group.” – Groupon Victim

“Great haunted house. Don’t let it being in a shopping center fool you.” – Groupon Victim

“Great value, actors were very real looking, effects were right on. Will go again!” – Groupon Victim

“Absolutely loved it!” – Groupon Victim

“Scared the hell out of me! I’m 33 years old and I almost peed my pants! Very good haunted house.” – Groupon Victim

2010 Haunted House Reviews:
North Texas Daily
“Scare factor:(4/5) “Pee your pants scary” Read more of our review…
“I am actually giving Moxley Manor a 4 out of 5 on the Meter.” Read more…
“Moxley has a realistic run down feel and look to it, as you’ll notice in the dining room, parlor, and especially the master bedroom, where the widow awaits. The children’s rooms were the creepiest in the place, and then you get into the special areas. Most houses don’t have nurses, hospital rooms, or crypts, but Moxley is a full service manor.”

DFW HauntWorld
“Moxley disturbed me. And I don’t say that lightly. We see a lot of haunts over Halloween, year in and year out. The animatronics, dark hallways, and special effects all run together. What will stick out, thus far this haunt season, is that small child saying, in the most innocent of voices, “I killed my teacher. She gave me an F.” Not sure what was so disturbing about this….but, WOW! Creepy.” Read more of our review…

“For a first year haunted house in a strip center this place kicks butt. The designers sets were warm feeling yet very creepy looking. The actors were very well timed, and due to cut outs in inconspicuous areas we were surprised a few different times. The lighting was terrific, the makeup smartly done as well. We walked in not expecting what we saw. It is a definite must see. It is in Bedford TX, and if you visit this haunted house, you will not be disappointed”
– P. Bardfield, HauntWorld


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