The Moxley Story

NOTE: Although our haunted house is based on true events, our attraction is not located in the actual Manor for safety reason.

In 1920, native Californian Charles Moxley, his wife Grace and their son William relocated to Dallas, TX where they purchased a large mansion using the inheritance Charles had recently come by after the sudden and tragic death of his parents. The Moxley’s were not used to having so much money and quickly squandered it away on luxurious home dcor, hosting lavish parties and several house maids who waited on the family around the clock. On the verge of financial ruin, Charles contracted pneumonia hoping for the worst as he could not see a way out of the large amounts of debt they were quickly accumulating. Grace, unwilling to watch her husband die, ordered Lillian Marshall, an attractive house maid with a nursing background, to watch over her husband and nurse him back to health. As his recovery was slow going, Charles and Lillian began spending a lot of time together and it wasn’t very long before Grace began noticing this as well. One night Lillian and Grace got into a heated argument as Grace accused Lillian of taking advantage of her husband’s condition in hopes of getting close to him. The argument seemed to conclude with Grace storming out of the house as a few housemaids witnessed her drive away.

The next morning Grace was found lying in the living room, face down and her throat slashed. The housemaids were puzzled as no one heard her come home and were eager to tell the police what happened hoping they would be able to provide answers. Grace’s death was ruled a homicide from an apparent botched robbery.

In the months following, Charles married Lillian, and within a year young William was found bludgeoned to death in his bed.

Even though tragedy loomed over the house, Charles and Lillian felt the only option they had in order to keep the house was to rent out their spare rooms to guests. Converting their mansion into a lodging establishment proved to be very profitable and Lillian fell into the habit of showering the woman and children that came through with lavish gifts, earning her the name of Lady Bountiful.

On November 26, 1922, Charles Moxley was found shot to death in his own bed. A single bullet had pierced the back of his head from a staged suicide. Local authorities charged Lillian with murder, but she vanished prior to the trial without any explanation in the deaths of Charles, Grace and young William.

The house stood desolate for many years, potential buyers turned off by the horrific tales the towns people told of murder, jealousy and deception. Eventually it was sold to a businessman, eager to re-open the Inn and benefit from the highly profitable business. Unfortunately, the Inn proved to be very unsuccessful for him as he was unable to keep a guest overnight. Most checked out early, complaining of strange disturbances and odd going ons that they couldn’t explain; a few left without notice all but running out of the house.

To date the house remains abandoned; rumors of it being haunted turning away potential buyers. It is said that Lillian’s ghost still roams the halls tormenting any and all who dare to enter the house.


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